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Renata offers the perfect packaging for every requirement, ranging from multipacks (MP) and single packs (SP)  to card units (CU) and secured cards (SC).


Multipacks (MP)

10 coin cells in a tear-strip blister pack; each box contains 100 units. You benefit from having a safety-sealed and reclosable box.


Single packs (SP)

Watch batteries are packaged in mini-blister packs, 10 batteries per SP. You benefit from being able to operate more profitably with smaller quantities.


Card units (CU)

Ideal for distributors who sell to the end user. You benefit from having a pack with warning and safety notices.


Secured cards (SC)

Similar to card units but also child-resistant (in conformity with EN 862) and senior-friendly.


Dial packs (DP)

Rotate the dial to remove a battery, while the others remain secure within.


Industrial bulk packs (IB)

Silver-oxide cells in trays containing up to 100 units.


By the way, all lithium batteries from Renata are supplied in child-resistant packaging.

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About Renata

Renata is already a familiar face on the US market, while we've been supplying our coin cells for many years.
Renata SA is a subsidiary of Swatch Group Ltd in Biel, Switzerland. It was founded in 1952 as a manufacturer of components for mechanical watches.
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